Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dodgeball in P.E. ?

In physical education today the topic of dodgeball in schools is a very hot topic.  Dodgeball has been apart of physical education for a long time, but now it is being questioned for the use in p.e. class.  I believe that dodgeball should not be in a p.e. curriculum for many reasons, but the only positive outcome of dodgeball will be physical movement or motor aspects.  In dodgeball motor aspects are learned through dodging the balls, throwing the balls and after a good game of dodgeball, one is usually tired from a good work out.  I believe that is the only positive aspect dodgeball has to offer where the affective and cognitive aspects both are negative in dodgeball.  Dodgeball may seem fun to some people or to the more athletically advanced students in the class, but to others dodgeball can be a students worst nightmare.  The students who are getting out first are not really getting the learning concept if they are only in the game for a minute.  Dodgeball also uses human targets where some students may get frightened and where some more athletically advanced students can "bully" the not so gifted students and use them as easy targets.  This can be detrimental to the students socialization in the class and with their peers if they are getting out first or even picked last.  I believe the game of dodgeball should not be used unless new concepts are added where students stay in the game longer, students are not being used as targets and where everyone can enjoy the game with their classmates.  Some of these new concepts may consist of using your weak hand to throw, using cones as targets, only hitting players below the waste or using a very soft light weight ball.  Until these changes are made I believe dodgeball should not be used in the physical education curriculum.