Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fourth Day at St. Mary's

Today at St. Mary's we observed the locomotor skills of catching and throwing.  The younger students who we observed could perform the skill of throwing much better than the skill of catching.  The students when throwing for the most part would use their entire body but some of the students would not step with the opposite foot.  When catching the students did not do so well because either they were not catching the object or they were not doing it with all the aspects of catching.  When teaching the students how to throw and catch I felt the students could throw the objects further than they were so we made the targets more demanding so the students were really throwing the objects.  When the students were catching I tried to explain to them to act as if it were an "egg" so they would bend there arms and make a successful catch.  I learned from this lab that as teachers we need to make the activities for the students that are made suitable for their skill levels

Friday, April 17, 2009

Third Day at St. Mary's

Today at St.Mary's we observed the students perform the leap, slide and jump.  The two students that we observed were Anthony(boy) and Rowan(girl) who were both 6 years of age and in kindergarten.  Both of the students I thought were pretty much similar in skill because both were able to perform there skill but not all of the time.  The jump was and leap were the easiest for the two, but the slide was not as consistent as the jump and leap.  After playing with the younger students I got to play with the older students in the gym.  With the older students we got to play kickball which was a lot of fun because the students really had a lot of fun.  In the beginning of the kickball game we allowed the students to kick with their dominant foot, but to switch it up at the end we had them kick with their opposite foot which made things more interesting and got them using both feet.  After the game the younger students came back up to the gym where we finished off the day with some intense elimination or some people call it knockout.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Second Day at St.Mary's

Today was my second day at St.Mary's and it was just as much fun as the first.  I knew what to expect so it was more enjoyable and I was more prepared to play activities with the students.  Today we view Shaymus who is in first grade and Kasey who is in kindergarten and we watched them perform the locomotor skills of running, galloping and hoping.  While watching these two I began to see that Shaymus was the better of the two at the skills because he could perform them more consistently, while Kasey on the other hand could do the skills sometimes but for the most part she could not perform them correctly.  During this lab I also learned more effective teaching strategies that I can use to make the activities more fun for the students and make it more fun for them.  Bringing in music, dressing up and using props are a very big part in making the activities run smoothly.  Today we also led a game called "Stinky Letter Stew" which consisted of the students either running, galloping and hoping with letters to the stinky stew.  The students enjoyed the game and I thought it was good because it incorporated locomotor skills with learning the ABC's.  

First Day at St. Mary's

Today was my first day at St. Mary's and it was a very exciting day.  My group started in the gym with the students who were in kindergarten and in first grade.  Right away we started playing because they just got out of school and wanted to get to running around.  We started off with freeze tag and temple tag which was a blast.  The students loved the game but it was a little crazy for my first time because they were so excited to be playing the games that it was very loud in the gym.  After playing these games for a little while we played full body rock/paper/scissors which was fun but it did not last as long as the first two games.  After that we went downstairs into the cafeteria where I played legos, colored and played connect four with the students.  It was fun and I got to know the students more and talk to them.  After that we went back into the gym where we had free time with the students in kindergarten, first grade and also the older students which was also fun.  The rest of the day I played knock out and mostly had basketball games with the students.