Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last Day at St. Mary's

The last day at St. Mary's was a very enjoyable day because we used the easter theme.  Many people were dressed up as bunnies, had plastic eggs and many other easter props that made the students really enjoy the last day.  The game that my group and I led was basically capture the flag, but it was capture the bunny.  We had many plastic eggs all around and split the gymnasium in two sides where we told the students that it was 10 points to capture the bunny and 1 point to capture an egg.  This game had the students running around and having a lot of fun, I also thought it was a very good game because at no point was any student not moving around.  If a student got tagged them had to go to the "bunny dungeon" where they had to open up an egg and either do the activity of jumping rope, dribbling a basketball or throwing a tennis ball at a target.  After the students completed the task, they were allowed to re-enter the game which made the game go very smoothly.  After the game we finished off the day with the older students playing basketball the rest of the time.  Overall my St. Mary's experience was very enjoyable where I got to work with students from Pre-k to 5th grade.  All grades had their ups and downs but overall they were all very fun and enjoyable.  The thing I took back from St. Mary's is that no matter what activity you are explaining you need to be as excited or more excited that the students to get them interested in the game.

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