Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fifth Day at St. Mary's

Today at St. Mary's we did not observe the locomotor movements of the dribble(basketball) and the soccer kick because my group and I led a game that allowed others to observe.  The game we led was zig/zag soccer and was a very good learning experience for me.  The game I thought felt more like a drill and I think the students felt the same way.  This game allowed the other ped201 students to view the locomotor skills, but it was not enjoyable for the students.  I learned from this game that if it is not fun to teach, it will not be fun to play.  After the game I stayed up in the gymnasium and finished the day out with some multiple goal soccer and variations of basketball games that included horse, knock out (elimination) and a game of three on three.  Overall this was the best lab for me because I believe I learned the most from it and really showed me that teaching can be difficult at times, but no matter what you have to stay persistent.

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