Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fourth Day at St. Mary's

Today at St. Mary's we observed the locomotor skills of catching and throwing.  The younger students who we observed could perform the skill of throwing much better than the skill of catching.  The students when throwing for the most part would use their entire body but some of the students would not step with the opposite foot.  When catching the students did not do so well because either they were not catching the object or they were not doing it with all the aspects of catching.  When teaching the students how to throw and catch I felt the students could throw the objects further than they were so we made the targets more demanding so the students were really throwing the objects.  When the students were catching I tried to explain to them to act as if it were an "egg" so they would bend there arms and make a successful catch.  I learned from this lab that as teachers we need to make the activities for the students that are made suitable for their skill levels

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