Friday, April 17, 2009

Third Day at St. Mary's

Today at St.Mary's we observed the students perform the leap, slide and jump.  The two students that we observed were Anthony(boy) and Rowan(girl) who were both 6 years of age and in kindergarten.  Both of the students I thought were pretty much similar in skill because both were able to perform there skill but not all of the time.  The jump was and leap were the easiest for the two, but the slide was not as consistent as the jump and leap.  After playing with the younger students I got to play with the older students in the gym.  With the older students we got to play kickball which was a lot of fun because the students really had a lot of fun.  In the beginning of the kickball game we allowed the students to kick with their dominant foot, but to switch it up at the end we had them kick with their opposite foot which made things more interesting and got them using both feet.  After the game the younger students came back up to the gym where we finished off the day with some intense elimination or some people call it knockout.

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