Monday, April 13, 2009

First Day at St. Mary's

Today was my first day at St. Mary's and it was a very exciting day.  My group started in the gym with the students who were in kindergarten and in first grade.  Right away we started playing because they just got out of school and wanted to get to running around.  We started off with freeze tag and temple tag which was a blast.  The students loved the game but it was a little crazy for my first time because they were so excited to be playing the games that it was very loud in the gym.  After playing these games for a little while we played full body rock/paper/scissors which was fun but it did not last as long as the first two games.  After that we went downstairs into the cafeteria where I played legos, colored and played connect four with the students.  It was fun and I got to know the students more and talk to them.  After that we went back into the gym where we had free time with the students in kindergarten, first grade and also the older students which was also fun.  The rest of the day I played knock out and mostly had basketball games with the students.

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